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Tips For Moving In London
30Jan 2015
Moving house is going to be stressful no matter where you’re moving to, but removals in London can add pressure simply because of the size and complexity of the city. If you’re moving to or around the capital then here are some added tips to help you to keep calm when you’re moving house!1)    Make sure you’re prepared!As with any house move, the best step you can take to prevent things going wrong is to prepare for them. Make sure you have your packing supplies in plenty of time, have enough space in your schedule for packing, and ensure you have a moving checklist to keep you ahead of the game. It’s a good idea to make a to-do list of your jobs, and then write down your schedule over the next few weeks so that you can find the time to get everything done. This might be a long job, but it’s definitely worth doing if you want to be prepared and ready for your moving day!2)    Know your area.London is a big and bustling area, and if you’ve never lived there before then it’s worth taking a few trips to get to know your new area. Try introducing yourself to the neighbours, discover the area both by foot and public transport, and be aware of where your local shops, doctors surgery and schools can be found. This is especially important if you’re moving with children, as it’s important for them to be able to settle into their new home quickly, which is much more likely if they’re already even a little familiar with their new area.3)    Hiring a moving company.You can find your ideal removal service from your removal company with a little effort and interest. Speak to friends and family to find reliable companies in the area – this is a great way to avoid cowboy companies and will ensure you’re hiring someone reputable, whether you’re looking for help with moving furniture or if you just need a man and van! If you don’t know of any companies in London then try looking online, though be sure to read customer opinions and reviews so that you can be sure you’re hiring a decent and dependable service.4)    Saving money with your relocation company.Lots of services in London can be more expensive because of the nature of the city, so shop around to find the cheap removals help that you can afford. It’s worth remembering that weekend, bank holiday and evening removal services can often hike up the costs of your move, so try to schedule in your company for a time that isn’t going to be too expensive for you. If you’re hiring a company that you know is popular, be aware that there might be a waiting list, so get in touch in plenty of time so that you can avoid disappointment!5)    Moving to London in your own vehicle.Whether you’re rented a van or if you have your own car, if you’re moving to the capital in your own vehicle then make sure you know your route so that you can avoid congestion charges and high-traffic areas. These can make a dent into your budget and your time schedule, so make sure you know the best means of travel for a speedy and easy moving day!

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