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Cardiff is the largest city in Wales, which borders England to the east and is also the capital city too. This city offers a variety of work opportunities for the local Welsh people and for those who commute or have relocated to Wales for employment purposes. Cardiff is ranked as the tenth largest city in the whole of the United Kingdom and is home to the main commercial centre in the country of Wales. Cardiff is just like any other city or capital city and has many useful and essential amenities, including an airport, an outdoor arena where concerts and shows are held, as well as a range of historical sites and places to visit as well. Some of the best loved and most popular places to visit in Cardiff include: the Welsh Natural War Museum, Cardiff Castle, Cardiff City Centre, Cardiff Bay, the Senedd and more.
employee relocation to CardiffThe official languages of Wales are British English and Welsh Gaelic. Welsh Gaelic is taught in most schools throughout the whole of Wales however, when out and about you may find that it is not commonly spoken. In the more rural areas of Wales, such as north Wales, the Welsh language is spoken more often by the locals. The local Welsh people all speak English and many also speak Welsh Gaelic too. The reason behind the Welsh language being taught in schools is so that Wales, as a country, does not lose its traditions and culture.

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