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If you are looking for a removals company London to Newport that can take care of your home move in one fell swoop, you are looking for us. You may assume it’s more affordable to hire different companies for different parts of the move, but we assure you that when you have us out for a home assessment all the way through to the delivery at your final destination, we’ll be the most reliable full service movers you could find.

Although Newport is no small town, it is dwarfed by London in terms of population. Around 150,000 people call this southeast Wales city home. Its location where the Severn estuary welcomes the flow of the River Usk once made it an important medieval port town. The Normans were the ones to build a castle and develop the site, although man was making a home here since the Bronze Age, and the area saw a new era of growth in the 1800s as Welsh coal was being exported from its port. Newport Castle can still be visited today, where it has always sat along the riverbanks.

Removals to NewportNewport is the 3rd largest of Wales’ cities and Cardiff is only a few miles to the west – 12, to be exact – making it a commuter town as well as an important city on its own. It is home to the University of South Wales and a thriving marketplace for the surrounding area, called Monmouthsire. After visiting Newport Castle and strolling through the shops, head to the Riverfront Arts Centre, right across from the Rodney Parade, which will soon be home to sporting events and other entertainment. That’s where you’ll catch the football, RFC and the local team – Newport Gwent Dragons. And, of course, you’ll need to learn the names of each of the nine Usk River bridges and what better way to do so than to begin by crossing as many as possible?

No matter what part of London you currently live in, Newport will be different from what you are used to. You may be scaling down in terms of living space, or perhaps scaling up if you are moving to a house in the country. It is important to determine well ahead of time what you will be taking and what you will be leaving behind, so that you can properly plan your move. There’s no point in hiring a large moving van if you’ll be selling furniture prior to leaving. To find the moving van, the team of movers and the moving supplies that will perfectly fit your home move to Newport, ring on today.