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Removal Services to RhonddaIt’s a common mistake that people make when moving homes – waiting until they think they are almost ready to go before hiring a moving company. Why is this a mistake? Well, the key word in that last sentence is “think”. It is quite possible to think you are ready to move whilst still being entirely unprepared to load the truck and be on your way. Most home removals would significantly benefit if the moving company London to Rhondda were hired well before the moving date. Why? Well most moving companies – ours included, of course – provide a long list of removal services that are aimed to prepare you for the move. Our home assessment service, for example, should be the first thing you have done when starting your move, as it can ensure that every other aspect of the move is properly planned and executed.

Call us up on to see what other services, such as our packing service or our packaging material delivery service, can help you get prepared to move from London to Rhondda. You’ll also get a free quote, which is an important part of the planning process. So don’t leave the hiring of the London movers to the last minute, leave the entire move up to us!

The picturesque Rhondda River lends its name to this Welsh Valley, which was once a place of heavy industry in the form of coal mining. The sixteen small settlements that are found here make up a population of around 70,000 people. The valley is actually two valleys, but is often referred to as just the one; Rhondda Fawr is the larger and Rhondda Fach is the smaller. The area is located in the Rhonddy Cynon Taf County Borough. Out of the coalmining communities came a religious movement labeled as nonconforming Christian and the many small churches that supported it. The valley is also famous for its male choirs and male-dominated society, linked to the churches and the mining industry.

Removals to RhonddaThese ancient valleys were created around 8000 BC when the last ice sheet of the last ice age retreated, carving into the land what are now referred to as The Rhondda. Neolithic structural remains have been found by the Rhondda Fach river. Other prehistoric sites include a fort upon a hill that dates from the Iron Age and Roman earthworks from the 1st century that are said to have been an army camp. With the rise of industry came a growing population that today is steady, as mining has lost its importance. The Rhondda today is a group of small communities with a common geography and a shared past. Visit Pentre, the Rhondda’s cathedral, or St. Peter’s church for a sense of the importance of religion in this area. Take in the music, the ruins and the language to get a real feel of the Rhondda and its inhabitants.

Even if you are committed to doing your house move to Rhondda on your own, there are still benefits to hiring even just a man with a van for the transport. For one, it’ll save your back. Another less-known reason, however, is that a London Rhondda man and van can save your car from the heavy load and the wear and tear of stuffing it with boxes and odd-sized furniture. We have plenty of great tips and tricks to save you money and time right here on our website, but the first step is to call on to get a free London Rhondda home removal estimate right away.