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All You Need to Know for a Great House Move!
13Mar 2015

There’s nothing quite like the excitement that can come with a move – all those new horizons and possibilities to be had in fresh surroundings. Sometimes in the excitement of relocation, it can be easy to get swamped under all the organisations and considerations that mount up. For the most effective move, and to ensure every item on your removals checklist arrives in your new household perfectly intact, there are several things you can bear in mind and remember. To help, here is a handy list of tips and tricks you can employ to make your new house feel like a home in no time:
•    Take an Inventory!
For those with large amounts of furniture and possessions especially, this is an essential step in making sure everything you need is accounted for before your move date. It may be hard, but then you can easily work out what you need with you - and what might be surplus! You may even be able to make a little money from selling unnecessary property, and think of the time saved in packing if you already know exactly where everything is!
•    Packing
Once you know what you’re taking with you, and you’ve sorted out what you don’t need, you can start to pack things up ready for the move. Although you could take up the labour and arrange for appropriate materials yourself, a quality removals company can help to significantly lighten the workload by doing this for you. Try talking to such a company about your packing supplies options. Their practiced and experienced employees are always able to recommend, and even provide, the most appropriate possible materials for your possessions. This can be very helpful for a cost effective move – looking into the right packing materials can mean the difference between damaged goods and a perfect delivery.
•    Transport
While undoubtedly important, packing is only half the battle in confirming your house removal comes of smoothly and happily. Of course, if undertaking this alone you’ll have much to weigh up. From selecting the most efficient route, to planning drives and potentially taking time from work to complete your efforts. Again, it can be greatly advantageous to see what services removals companies can offer you to assist. Man and van hires can be a key element in your move, second to none in their industry knowledge and happy to perform all the tasks you may not have time or facility for. No need to risk the safety of your furniture removals when a reliable man with a van can provide exactly the vehicle you need!
•    Organisation
If you can get hold of floor plans for your new place, or at least gain access to images of the interior, you can start thinking about your rooms’ arrangements ahead of time. That way, precious time spent on pure logistics can be completely eliminated from your important first day. This leaves you with more time to sit back and take in your new space with the relaxation and contentment we all deserve. You can even look into the possibility of storage options, often tied in with aforementioned removals services. Then, if you find there are some things that won’t be able to make it with you on the move, you can be assured of their security. This can be a great option for those items we just can’t stand to leave behind, but don’t have the space to accommodate for. You can then factor this into your plans for transport!

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