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How to Organise a Student Removal
26Jun 2015

Removals are always stressful. Students have the pressure of studies, exams, task of making new friends. Most often, students have to relocate to different regions of the country to pursue their studies and get a degree. This is how you can go about organizing a smooth student removal.

Planning: It’s always advisable to plan every step so as to ensure that the move runs smoothly. Making a checklist consisting of all the goods you need to take with you. It is a great idea to go and check out your new abode. Checking out the space and size available for your possessions will give you a rough idea of what to pack and what not to. You should also check with your flat mate at your new place, in case you have one, about the space he/she might require so as to prevent any conflicts at a later stage.

Declutter: Every object you own might hold some sentimental value for you but it’s probably time to declutter and get rid of the stuff that you no longer require or have not used for a long time. This will make packing easier and reduce the number of things to be moved, thus making the entire moving process simpler.

Packing: Students often have a limited budget which means they have to resort to packing on their own with the help of family and friends. Some of the packing materials that come in handy are cardboard boxes, foams, bubble wrap, scissors, tape, rope, old clothes and markers. While packing, make sure to label each of the cardboard boxes with the help of markers. It is a good idea to pack all the things that you might need in the first few days of moving to the new place in the same box labelled ‘Essentials’. The fragile items should be first wrapped either in cloth or bubble wrap to prevent any potential damage and the boxes containing them should be labelled with a ‘Handle with Care’ sign. Friends and family often give great pieces of advice so it would be nice if you could get some tips and tricks on packing from them. Also, you should start packing well in advance and take your time packing one thing at a time so that you have plenty of time to recheck your inventory list.

Movers: If your budget permits it, you can consider hiring a relocation company that offers flexible options for student removals. Not only do these moving companies understand that students keep changing their accommodations all through their college years but they also offer discounts keeping in mind that students have other university expenses. All you have to do is give these movers your floor plans and they will get the job done. You can always opt for a man and van to cut down on costs. They will deliver your goods to the destination with utmost care and professionalism. It is very important to obtain reviews about various services available in your locality before taking the leap and choosing a removals service.

Plan your move well in advance and it will give you an insight on how to make the move faster and easier. Meticulous planning is always the key to any removals process. Last minute snags should always be avoided and a stress-free move would make settling down in the new student accommodation an enjoyable process.   

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