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Self Storage Guide: How and Why
13May 2015

Just like the word yourself has “self” in it, self storage as a concept is picking up steadily for the same reason. It is a valuable investment for households, small businesses and even out-of-garage businesses. So if you are moving houses, refurbishing, relocating, etc. self storage is essentially hiring a room/storage space and filling it with the assets/personal effects to be stored by yourself. This exercise can be made easy with a ready checklist as explained below:

•    Where to start from: It can be a painful process if one does not know where to begin with. You may choose to start with the farthest area first or larger articles first. In either of the processes you will have to keep a checklist ready for reference. Experts from removal companies will be able to suggest the size of storage space that will suffice the need. Be sure of using the space as efficiently as possible, including the height. The storage units can be as small as half a wardrobe to as big as a car garage.

•    Keep buffer time in hand: Moving with bags and baggage out of your home or work space is a task and must be given enough time and thought. Do not rush and give in to panic. Be sure to follow the removal plan that you have put in place. It is noteworthy to keep at least 36 hours in buffer for any spill-overs in the plan.

•    Get rid and de-clutter: Get a labeling machine and mark sections in the packaging area as ‘take’, ‘toss’, ‘sell’ and ‘give’. Do not hesitate to put things that you have no need for in the relevant sections. When in doubt, ask yourself, “Have I used this even once in the last year?” The answer shall be enough to make a quick decision and stick to it.

•    Adequate boxes of the right size: Make sure to pack away the things that you believe can break as adequately as possible. Put air cushions around them to avoid the surface getting scratches. Packing material must be ample as we do not want relocation with a loss. Remember to not wrap anything that might catch the ink in newspapers as that can result in stains. Pack only dry appliances; if you pack them while moist they might grow mould or even rust. Pack away heavy things in smaller boxes, for the ease of moving them.

•    Man and a van hire: A lot of moving companies provide this service for various lengths of time and on various price points. Once all your goods are packed, you may call in the removal service and move them to the storage. Most of the self storage places allow you to drive in the vans/cars to ease the trips back and forth. Be sure that you have insurance in place for the goods.

•    Removals and storage companies: In case you do not wish to get your hands on the packing and moving, you can always get help from the best in the business. Moving companies help you right from accessing the space requirement, giving an estimate, packing, moving to the storage unit and also take care of the insurance part. With the technology advancements, most of these storage units come with PIN operated locks. Once you decide to take back the goods from the storage, you need to give a 5-6 days’ notice to the storage company or as the case may be.

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