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8 Things You Should Know Before Moving to the Countryside
07Oct 2015

The busy and active city life may sometimes feel overwhelming and tiring. It’s not surprising that many people are getting away from the hustle and the bustle of the big metropolis to enjoy the freedom and tranquillity offered by the countryside. Instead of big bright city lights and crowded places, you will have the starry night sky and the beautiful green fields. The daily concerns and the traffic are replaced by the simplicity and sweetness of the country life.

With its endless charms, the countryside is an attractive alternative to the big cities. Before you make any hasty decision, there are some important aspects you should consider. Moving to the countryside means fewer job opportunities and fewer schools for your children. You and your family will move away from friends and will change your current lifestyle. The relocation may cause major upheaval in your life, so be sure it is worthwhile.

1. IncomeMoving to Country House
Income is important aspect of relocation. The best thing about living in the countryside is that you can get the best value for your money. Since the property prices are much lower than in the larger cities, you can find great and affordable estate. You can stretch your budget and get a home with more square footage and acreage. The downside is that bigger properties require more upkeep and maintenance. This means that your utility bills for running larger estate may be higher. Think whether your income can cover the additional costs.

2. Commute
Moving house to the country will inevitably influence your job. Do you plan to stay on your current workplace? Keep in mind that the labour market will be tighter in the countryside, leaving you with fewer options. If you are planning to work in the city and travel, you need to find out how long your potential commute will be. There are two factors you need to take into account – gas prices and distance. Calculate your travel cost. The type of job also matters. Do you need to go to work late at night or very early in the morning? Another option is to work from home.

3. Impact On Your FamilyFamily Relocation
The removal will inevitably transform your family’s lifestyle. Your children will need to leave their current school, while your spouse may need to quit their job. Starting new school or working at a new place is a big change. How does your family feel about the move? Will they have hard times adapting to the new environment? You need to discuss the relocation with your family.

4. Transportation
Transportation and infrastructure are important to stay connected with the major towns and cities, especially if you travelling on a daily basis. You may not have access to taxis, buses and train systems. Ensure that you have reliable transportation.

5. Availability of ServicesMoving Checklist
Get used to the idea that in the countryside you may not have essential services at close reach. You need to determine how far the nearest hospital or urgent care office is, in case of medical emergency. The availability of police services is also important.
The variety of schools in the country is not very vast. What is the local school system? Is it far way? Is there bus transportation? What will happen if your child misses the bus? You need to answer these questions before moving house in the countryside.

6. Lifestyle
Countryside is quite different from the big city. If are looking for an active nightlife, shopping and entreating areas, you will not like the somewhat isolated way of living in the country.Moving to Countryside On the other hand, if you crave the peace and quiet, as well as life close to nature, you will find exactly what you want there.

7. New Surroundings
If you are planning to move to the countryside, prepare for new social norms. You will probably see more of your neighbours than in the big cities. This doesn’t mean that you will have no privacy, but you need to learn to live in a more close society.

8. Weather
You need to get familiar with what the roads are like in bad weather conditions. Will they be cleared quickly in case of heavy snowfall? What about flooding and severe storm? New Home Moving InThe roads during such events may not be passable for several days. You need to think of a backup plan and prepare plenty of essential supplies. Country roads don’t get enough maintenance such as repairs and expansion.

There are many benefits to living in the countryside. However, before taking any big decisions and moving house, consider thoroughly both the ups and downs of living in the country.

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